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Lounge / Paragliding / Camping

Picnic / Wifi


Tiger Canteen
(providing hot & cold drinks, light meals, fried food)

Opening hours:

Wednesday~Thursday: 11am~8pm


If under difficult weather condition, villa will be closed early.


Picnic party

Venue fee: NT$ 100 / person (cannot be deducted for consumption at the villa)

* Food ingredients and Cooking appliances need to be prepared by yourself. If you need to order a barbecue package (including food ingredients), please call in advance.


Other special services

We served as a venue for wedding photography, marriage proposal, wedding, birthday celebration, party, and all activities for venue rent out.

Remarks: If you have special needs, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to provide you with the services you want.


Entire venue rent out: approx NT$ 30,000~50000 + deposit NT$ 10,000

The cost for entire venue rent out from January 1, 2019 is as follows:

NT$ 40,000~60,000 + deposit NT$ 10,000

預約及諮詢0910086526For appointment and consultation, please contact Mr. Shih on 0910086526 (, please call between 10 am to 6 pm )


Camping in the villa

Camping reservation system:



We are closed Mondays and Tuesday!

For details, please see the reservation system!


Regulations for Camping:

1. After 11pm, please keep your voice down.

2. It is forbidden to sing karaoke, play mahjong, set off fireworks and all illegal acts.

3. Do not use generators and high-energy power equipment (ex: electric cookers, induction cookers, etc.) during camping.

4. If you need barbecue, please bring your own cookware.

5. The camping area is a none smoking area. We provide smoking area for smokers. Cigarette butts are forbidden to be thrown on the floor/grassland.

6. Damage to the equipment of the campsite shall be compensated according to the price.

7. At the end of the activity, the area should be cleaned up to maintain the quality of the environment.

8. It takes only 5 minutes to downtown Puli. Getting food and transportation are fairly convenient. It is recommended that campers can travel light .

9. We provide parking lots, but do not take responsibility for storage. If you have valuables, please keep them yourself. To maintain the safety of the park, please park safely and unload the equipment to the camping area.