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About Puli Tiger

70 years ago, the Tiger Boy was born in Puli. He was full of energy and extremely good looking...

40 years ago, the Tiger Man owned a piece of land near the heart of Taiwan by chance...


40 years later, the Tiger Man had become the Tiger Dad and recently has become the Tiger Grandpa. He worked in Taipei for all his life, finally wanted to re-tire in his beautiful hometown, Puli. So, he had the idea: “the birth of Puli Tiger”. Originally, Grandpa just wanted to live by the sunrise, and the sunset on this beautiful land, and have three wives, and maybe four... oops just kidding ... At the end, The Tiger Grandpa went back to the beautiful town of Puli and started his villa plan to start his cozy life with the family.


Step by step, the villa has finally starting to shaped. The beautiful scenery of Puli, the grassland, the sunset twilight, were all admired by friends and travelers to the villa. Everyone suggested that the Tiger Grandpa should open the villa to the public and let everyone enjoy the scenery of Puli! ! Finally, in June 2010, "Puli Tiger" was officially opened for business. Of course, there are still flaws, but Tiger Grandpa and the little tigers will try their best to make "Puli Tiger" more comfortable... We look forward to seeing you soon at “Puli Tiger”...



Tiger Entrance:

Due to the natural geographical and climate conditions, as long as the weather is fine , everyone can enjoy a wonderful sky journey at“Puli Tiger”. The paragliding image on the gate is designed in hoping everyone can come here to experience it.


Tiger Canteen(providing hot & cold drinks, light meals, fried food)

Providing light meals and drinks. Sitting in the open-air canteen, enjoy the breeze, the food and the beautiful scenery of Puli. Tiger Canteen is the place for the memories of gathering of friends and family. We are here to give you the most caring service.




Tigers Toilets:

Not luxurious or stylish, but the Tiger Toilets provide the equipment to meet all your physical needs. In addition, if you are here for camping, we also provide comfortable shower rooms. Please use the toilets and the shower rooms with care and keep them clean and tidy.


Takeoff field:

A beautiful grassland, free for anyone to run on it and enjoy the closeness to the nature. From 11 am to 6 pm, the grassland is played as a take-off and landing field for paragliding. Let’s have a fantasy date with the sky~ In the evening, come to this VIP area, sit on the grass and enjoy the sunset. Just Feel and see the attractive beautiful night view of Puli, which would give you unforgettable memories.


Heart of Taiwan:

On the grassland, an eye-catching ; grass-made heart, which represents the center of Taiwan. The heart represents the freedom of paragliding; it represents Puli, and the heart of the Tiger Grandpa. We are hoping this super-heart can give all friends and family, and lovers who come as our guests can have hearts of support and love.。



Grandpa of the Castanopsis kawakamii Hayata:

The guardian tree in the villa. A long time ago, there was a fire on the Huzi Mountain in Puli. Fortunately the roots of the tree were not burned so the guardian tree was thriving again under the magic of nature. Under the guardianship, the area is still full of vitality, thank you, Grandpa! !


Other areas of the villa are still under construction. Please support us and thanks for your patience.